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Licensing Applications


Shanthi & Co offers advice, assistance and representation for a number of licensing applications including but not limited to premises licences, alcohol licences, etc.  

Our Legal Fees


We charge based on an hourly rate which varies depending on the member of staff dealing with your matter. Our lowest hourly rate is £160.00 and our highest hourly rate is £300. The seniority of the members of staff dealing with your case will depend on its complexity. We will discuss this with you when you instruct us. Please note that VAT is chargeable on our legal fees at 20%.



  • Application: Application for a new premises licence; 

  • Fee Estimates: £1,000-£1,250 (+ VAT at 20%), plus disbursements (see below)



  • Application: Application for a minor variation of an existing licence; 

  • Fee Estimates: £800-£1000 (+ VAT at 20%), plus disbursements (see below)


The fee quoted will include the following work:


  • Taking your instructions and advising you on how to promote the licensing objectives within any new premises licence application or variation of an existing licence

  • Advising on what documents are required in support of / to accompany the application

  • Completing and submitting the application to the Licensing Authority

  • Disclosing the application to the relevant responsible authorities

  • Making arrangements for the necessary advertising of the application.


The fee doesn't include:


  • Obtaining suitable plans

  • Attending any pre-consultation meetings with the Licensing Authority or responsible authorities

  • Dealing with or advising on any queries or objections received from the responsible authorities or interested parties

  • Attendance at any Licensing Sub-Committee hearing

  • Disbursements.


Disbursements are payments to third parties, and may include:

  • Premise Licence application fee: £100-£1,905 (depending on rateable value of premises)

  • Personal License application fee: £37

  • Application for minor variation: £89

  • Application to transfer premises licence: £23

  • Application to vary Designated Premises Supervisor: £23

  • Plan fees (plus VAT at 20%)

  • Advertisement in local press (plus VAT at 20%)

  • Firearms certificate fee: £62-200.


If the work required doesn't fit the service carried out on the above fixed fee, we can discuss an alternative pricing structure and fees involved.


Key Stages


The application process will depend on what license or change you're applying for, but in general:

  • You may need to successfully complete a training course before you can apply for a license

  • You may need request a criminal records check

  • Complete and send off your application

  • There may be a waiting period while the licensing authority checks your information and collects any objections

  • You may need to advertise your application so people can register any objections

  • If you meet the criteria, your information is correct, and there are no objections, you receive your application.


This is just a general guide and the exact process for your application may be different. We'll advise on how your application will progress once we've heard more details during a consultation.


How Long Will Your Application Take?


The amount of time licence applications take depends on:

  • What you're applying for

  • How quickly you provide the required information and documentation

  • How quickly the licensing authority processes the application

  • Whether there are any objections.


Applications for new alcohol licenses typically take 2-5 months and applications for betting/gaming licenses typically take 4-5 months. The time taken to resolve taxi licensing and shotgun licensing matters also varies. Our solicitors can advise on an estimated resolution time for your matter once we've heard more details during a consultation.


Our Team


Work will by carried out by:- Dinu Senadheera (Solicitor, admitted 2008), Thilini Kaluarachchi (Solicitor, admitted 2018) and Deborah Lee (Trainee Solicitor) under the Supervision of Padmini Senadheera (Solicitor, admitted 1991 & Senior Partner)



206 Seven Sisters Road

Finsbury Park


N4 3NX

Tel - 0207 561 9494

Fax- 0207 561 9495



The firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority

SRA No - 173396 ICO    Reg No - 2774013X

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